Healthcare software HL7

Patient data comes in many different formats from hospitals and providers. Clinical data, billing, and medical device information must pass through a variety of disparate systems including EHR and EMRs, medical devices, and other external third-party vendors. To achieve healthcare interoperability, this data must be integrated to flow smoothly and reliably between systems. Creating effective healthcare IT solutions is a difficult challenge to navigate without a technical background and practical experience in the field. Super Simple Software has the domain knowledge to guide you through your next endeavor.

Our healthcare IT services team members are some of the top innovators in the field and will ensure your organization achieves real healthcare interoperability. From inception to go-live we manage projects proactively, alleviating the pressure on our clients.

Our HL7 integration consultants work closely with third-party vendors, hospital staff, and internal business stakeholders. In today's ever-changing healthcare landscape, it is vital to stay in tune with initiatives as well as larger trends in web application development, data modeling, and other applicable areas.

Our focus on technology and innovation sets us apart from other healthcare IT companies, allowing us to integrate demographics, results, genomics, and more with cutting-edge solutions that deliver not only in the short-term but endure into the future.