Super Simple Software owns a vast and deep experience in creating DICOM solutions for its customers. Our experience so far has embedded the needs that are sought after by the healthcare industry.

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The solutions are reliable and available in critical situations without fail. The piece of data sent to our system is never missed or lost. 


The high level of quality answeres all the requirements and exceeds expectations set by our client.


In the healthcare industry, the timing of the information is critical, and our systems design always focuses on the quickest possible way to deliver the expected data.


The systems we implement always output consistent results.


Our products and services' accuracy is always admired, for their output data, information, and connectivity solutions.


The healthcare software systems are used by people in urgency and without training. Our system design is such a way that users can't take wrong actions easily. At the same time, they are easy to use without training to less tech-savvy people.

DICOM Systems Developed for Clients

✔ DICOM study distribution over CD ✔ DICOM study distribution over the Azure Cloud
✔ DICOM Auto Tags corrections 

✔ DICOM Pixel data processing

✔ DICOM studies stored automatically to Azure Cloud ✔ DICOM studies routing over local networks.
✔ DICOM data gathering and storage in FHIR database

 ✔ DICOM anonymisation and de-pixelation

✔ Auto Pixel overlay

✔ Basic Image Editing on DICOM pixel data

✔ DICOM Query and Retrieve solutions to fetch data based on the requests
✔ DICOM study shared over the expiring link, which is OTP authenticated. This link would be further shared either over messaging or email.
We provide a framework that can easily combine all the above features to derive one solution to enable you an automated workflow. This Framework can connect all the listed modules with consistency and ease.

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