Implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions can transform your businesses with positive results. AI and ML have always proven to either support or remove dependency on personal decisions and interactions. This empowerment for businesses has helped them to break boundaries. 

These decisions can be something like,
  • Is this project profitable?
  • Can I reserve a particular resource for this task? Will it be effective?
  • How can I reduce the waiting time for all my customers?
  • How can I improve the accuracy of a machine or a process?
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AI takes your business to the next generation

Super simple software aiml solutions

Super Simple Software LLP understands the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and has matched up with a specialized team of professionals. Innovation and deep understanding of technology and its applications is the key to AI and ML solution.
We bring positive results to your businesses and companies with our Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. These solutions further bring smartness and smoothness to your business. Incorporating AI and ML make your business responsive.


application of AI and ML to your business


Imagine a picture where your customer emails and messages are answered with warmth, care, with proper information, automatically, without delay and accurate information. You do not have to worry about communication mistakes from your representative. Customer engagement will skyrocket by using AI-enabled auto-responses. AI and ML make your business more caring towards customers. That in turn convert leads to sales and also repeat sales. Intelligent auto-responses also help retain and convert your existing customers by providing a sense of connectivity.

Systems implemented by us

  • AI-enabled auto chat, Or chatbot
  • AI-enabled E-mail replies
  • AI-enabled document collection from an email attachment
automate customer interaction with super simple software ai chatbots
Super Simple Software Artificial Intelligence in decision making


AI systems can accurately and efficiently make decisions that traditionally need human expertise and experience. Imagine a day when critical project work requires expert decision-making. Somehow the expert to take that decision is not present. Such specific decision-making can be well automated using good AI and ML systems.   

Our AI and ML Team can make a system for you. That system can make such decisions and predictions for a particular task. 

We have helped create systems that solved many such scenarios.

  • Predict servicing and maintenance of machinery by reading historical sensor data


AI-enabled resource planning can get you magical results. The resource data your business has generated so far can be used to create a system that will provide estimated resources.

The AI resource planning can produce accurate and helpful data. This data can be used for Cost Planning, Raw material purchase, Human Resources, stock planning, Logistics planning, and Machine scheduling.

Few of the systems implemented by us

  • Predict bed availability in a hospital
  • Factory machine availability
  • Predict inventory stock requirements as per the time of year and orders
resource planning withsuper simple software artificial intelligence solutions

Give us a call for a consultation and discuss your business flow problem. Bring us extremely difficult to solve or if the problem is even considered infeasible. Our expert team will definitely help you get it resolved with a proper solution with Artificial intelligence. 
Super Simple Software assures you an optimal cost that will make you happy for sure. Our central purpose is to bring in AI and ML awareness.

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