Reporting Solution

Simplified and customised reporting from any data source, presented in the format as most suited by you.

Get all your data structured and presentable format. Our Quick and simplified reporting solution will make your life very easy.

Automated reporting will make you and your executives save precious time in data collection and presentation. They can focus more on functional areas rather than monotonous work of data collection just for reporting purpose.

Why SSS Reporting Solution?


  1. 100% customisable as per your needs
  2. Not interfere existing working system
  3. Low cost in compared to cost of modifying your current system
  4. Multiple data source inputs
    • Text log generated by any system
    • Event Log
    • Database entries
    • Excel or CSV files
    • Binary
    • Streaming data
    • Incoming Email
    • Files Tag Data
    • OPC
    • HL7
    • DICOM and many sources can be customised
  5. Many reporting output format
    • CSV / Excel
    • Text
    • PDF
    • Word
    • HTML
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Database and any other customization if required.
  6. Automated for high Productivity
  7. MIS reporting for decision making
  8. Business intelligence
  9. Big data
  10. Cloud support
  11. Historical data recording and reporting
  12. Not dependant on other heavy traditional reporting systems
  13. Highly modular and flexible prising
  14. Completely tailor made hence no overhead in extra unnecessary functionality
  15. Sleek and agile architecture makes on site support very simple and efficient