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 Web Application Software

Software that runs on internet 

(e.g. Gmail, Facebook, Flipkart, Magic Bricks)

  • We will help take your business online 
  • Be always online. Your own showroom where you can sell your product service over internet 24 x 7
  • No need to publish on OLX and Just Dial or any other online public  market place, where your competitors sales just besides you
  • Internet software can be use for gathering data from multiple locations with minimum investments
  • E.g., gather data centrally about material stock from multiple storage locations and sales locations.
  • Track transactions from all your branches to single location
  • Your own Customer Support system
  • Internet Software are created in either .Net or PHP technology

 Windows Application Software

Software that runs on a MS Windows computer 

(e.g. MS Word, Excel)

  • We experience in making simple to use software that helps in increasing day to day working productivity 
  • We have created very simple to use MIS reporting stand-alone systems
  • Software that automatically read data from existing systems and presents summarized and helpful information to the management
  • These are the tools to save lots of manual efforts in day to day working 
  • Repetitive and manual daily work in any organization always results in time wastage and quality loss due to human error
  • Windows Software are created using MS .Net technology

 Mobile Applications

Your own custom mobile apps that runs on Windows Mobile, Android Mobile and I-Phone

(Eg. Gmail, Facebook, Flipkart)

  • Use the mobile craze for your business
  • Publish your and business information on your own custom mobile app 
  • You can get direct sale from mobile software, Eg. Flipkart app
  • Send your product services updates and various sales schemes directly on your customer’s mobile, who is using your app
  • Collect sales data from your executives who are always on move
  • Collect progress and status about work from employees who are always outside office location
  • Mobile apps are created in either .Net, Android or I-OS platform depending on your requirement

Business Center TM

a software for all business verticals

Enterprise Resource Planning 

  • Integrates all facets of an operation like product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.
  • Inventory reduction (without increasing shortages)
  • Improves data quality by improving the underlying processes as a result better business decisions can be reached
  • Reporting follows an automated template system, allowing various departments to access information seamlessly
  • Reduce the complexity of a business and introduce a neatly designed system of workflows
  • Having high-quality data allows businesses to use the power of intelligent analytics tools to arrive at better business decisions
  • Measurements, analysis and simulation capabilities can help companies plan better and react sooner and more effectively . Read More

Software Profile

12+ years of extensive Software Development experience in various domains. 

Super Simple Software has proven record in creating high impacts products. These simple to use products had always improved Speed, Productivity and Quality. 

We have successfully demonstrated technology solutions in these domains

  • MIS Reporting
  • Engineering Productivity Enhancements
  • Documentation Activities Automation 
  • Text and Tags Data Analysis and auto correction
  • Information Routing



  1. Human Centric and simple design to create high usability
  2. Assured Productivity Improvement
  3. Mobile friendly design and architecture 
  4. Web and Social Media Integration
  5. Latest production technology and techniques for best results, ALWAYS.


Windows Software

Internet Software

Mobile Apps

.Net – SQL
PHP – MySQL (Linux or Windows)
MS Office
.Net – SQL (Windows)

Super Simple Software’s technology consultancy shall always assure solution with long life and high returns

With these very strong and globally proven technologies, your solutions (and investments) will be Reliable and Latest 

Today's dynamic world, a lot of thought time has to be given on technology selection, else we are left with either, unreliable or outdated solution that no one is ready to support.