Super Simple Software empowered businesses with its cost-effective ODOO services. We have enabled our clients to successfully overcome all the limitations stopping to get them on ERP.
Small and medium organizations had faced many challenges in getting along with ERP. Be it cost of implementation, licensing cost, the time required, employee training, infrastructure, and many more.
We can set up an ODOO ERP deployment for you in a matter of minutes. Check our Cloud ODOO hosting. It's super quick and cost-effective.

We are Ready to Assist You

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ODOO Services

End-To-End Project

Our team understands your requirement by truly starting right from where it begins. Then we propose you a solution that is based on the gathered understanding. After acceptance, our team will design and implement a solution that makes your life easy, productive, and efficient. This implementation phase further takes up two paths, Configuration, and Customizations to the ODOO system. These Configurations and Customizations make the solves it all. Later, the solution will be deployed either at your site or on the cloud. Your staff and stakeholders would use the system day in and out to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. These are just a few of the impacting factors. Ultimately it means only one thing, which is improvement in PROFITS. For effective use of the system, Super Simple software will also participate in User Training and Maintenance.

Customization as per your Needs

ODOO customization service provided by Super Simple Software is required when the core features of the ODOO are not sufficient to match your requirements. For example, your might want to add more properties to your customer to improve engagement, Customer Foundation Date to automate and plan greetings and gift module. Or any such feature that is not present in the ODOO system and when it needs programming and software development skills. 

Onsite deployment

Our team would get the ODOO installed at your premises. This is also a quick solution however, it takes additional time and logistics setting up servers and security at your premises. This is also called an on-premise installation. The benefits are speed, less dependency on the internet, and localized data.

ODOO Configuration

We provide a configuration-only service in which our team would work upon your ODOO installation to make it usable. An example of configuration is where our team would create Users, Roles, and User Accesses. Or your multiple stock locations. Departments, Custom Manufacturing workflows, Reports, and many more such critical scenarios. This configuration can make the system function as per your needs and workflows. ODOO system is extensive and has many inbuilt features. However, to use all the system features effectively, they have to be configured as per your needs.

Cloud Deployment - 'A Quickest One'

Cloud deployment will get your system online within minutes. Yes, it will require many customizations and configurations. Such modifications would enable your business to effectively utilize the system for ROI. However, the approach ensures resolving problems faced by an ERP solution implementation. Which can be Infrastructure, Logistical, and Real Estate challenges.

User Training

We can provide a dedicated Training Service that enables your staff members and stakeholders' quick onboarding on the new platform. This training will encourage the use of the system in them. It will also help them understand the system's effectivity, and the productivity benefits everyone can gain. These training sessions have always proved quick and profitable ROI for all our ODOO implementations projects.

Existing Data Migration

We provide a data migration system that can help you get your existing or historical data migrated into your newly installed ODOO system. This activity is crucial as it needs a deep understanding of the system design of the system and your business requirement. Data migration can sometimes be tedious and largely manual activity. Our engineers have smartly developed many techniques to automate this tedious but critical activity. This automation not only can improve the speed but also profoundly impacts the accuracy and quality. This further results in consistent and accurate data migration into the system.



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