The WHY of Social Networking

 The well-known evangelists of our internet world keep preaching a simple formula:

1.) Design your brand

2.) Identify your message

3.) Get your message out

4.) Amplify your message

As business professionals, we follow this call to action religiously. We write and share articles or post inspirational quotes that will resonate with our online communities. We follow others who are aligned with our own goals, and then re post and re-tweet their messages to our followers. According to the social networking guidebook, we are doing everything right.

But let me ask you this: how is that working for you? Are you seeing any results? And if you think you are getting results, how are you measuring them? I’m going to share with you a secret to find more clients the right way.

As a entrepreneur, I work with number of businesses who keep telling me the same story. They follow the rules of social networking because they do as their mentors say.They log onto Facebook only when they have time to kill, or they schedule a mandatory couple of tweets, and they stay away from LinkedIn until they decide to find a new job.

Let’s be real—many people don’t really understand how spending a whole lot of time on social networking is actually putting money in the bank.


To understand social networking and make it work for your business, it’s important to first understand the WHY before you roll out a strategy. If WHY you are posting and tweeting is unclear, you will continue to spend valuable time socializing without knowing if your efforts are effective or not (i.e. measuring the results). To help you understand your social networking WHY, I’m going to review the logic behind the gurus’ steps.

 1.) Social networking and its influence. The more your message and unique viewpoint is followed and re posted, the more influence you have. In business today, influence means competency. Therefore, all businesses must advertise or socialize.

2.) With consumers being able to shut out ads and fast-forward through commercials, advertising is now more subtle, such as product placements. We no longer rely on prominent advertising outlets to tell us about new gadgets or styles. Instead, we look for “social proof” in our physical and virtual communities.

3.) Attracting early customers is how your product or service gets vetted further and they help you build a track record. Then your consistent influence makes it much easier to follow the majority . Your influence grows because you are believable, consistent, and your message resonates with others.

4.) It’s your job to identify and show consumers why they should hire you. Your point-of-view needs to be clearly defined and your internet persona must be aligned with your USP (unique selling proposition). Otherwise, you may come across as being fake.

5.) Social networking influence is measured by the number and quality of interactions you create with your community and followers (a.k.a. your tribe). Once you become influential in those circles, you have gained the power to persuade. Now, you can offer many more products and services that provide solutions to problems many people have and the clout you have earned from the innovators and early adopters is the social proof the majority of people are looking for before they buy.

Have you ever noticed that Oprah isn't slammed for featuring products? She makes each product she touches an overnight success because her tribe trusts her judgment.

Before you get back to posting updates and writing blog posts, decide what you want to achieve first. Study the Bell and identify who your current customers are. Gain influence by communicating with a clear viewpoint. Why is it interesting, why are you posting it, why does it matter to your followers? Instead of just posting what you think we may find interesting, tell us WHY it matters so we can understand more about who you are and learn to trust you.

Quick 5 Tips to Choose a Domain Name


Name is the first and last thing by which you will be known. So we have no option to go fast and careless while choosing domain name for our business. Individual business has individual set of audiences, and media to involve, that's why there are some special requirements for some business. Super Simple Soft is going to share 5 quick tips to choose a Domain Name for your business.

1. Make sure the domain name is unique: The most important thing you should have in mind that the domain name is unique and it bears no similarity with other domain names. And also apply the KISS formula  means Keep It Short and Simple. Because longer domain names often creates confusion. Also make sure that the domain name is related to your business. As soon as users see your domain name they should get an idea of your business.
2. Domain name should be keyword relevant: It is better if the domain name contains the keyword of your business key-product or contain the brand name. It would be more helpful for the small businesses who want to enhance their business online. The page title carries a lot of weight that it can help your business through SEO and drive more traffic to your website.
3. Domain name should be easy to spell: You have to make sure that your domain name is easy to spell because difficult domain names create confusion among users. Users will find the name difficult to remember and then give up. That would be very bad for your website as well as for your business. You must avoid such confusing domain names.
4. Domain should be search engine friendly: Make sure that your domain name is search engine friendly. That means you need to choose domain names which can be highlighted easily by the search engine. It would be best if you can take help from an SEO expert at this step.
5. Try to have a with  .com ending: Last but not the least, during choosing a domain name you should choose it with a .com ending. As we know, that there are several endings of domain names, but .com carries the prime importance above all. It will help you to come in a level of importance of your viewers. You can still choose other extension for some sort of business where search engine traffic and other referral traffic plays all the role. In this kind of business, people don’t work to create branding with their brand name. But you should avoid .info extension, because as they rank at very far valuable.