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What is Social Media Optimization?

“Social Media Optimization: itself a SEO, but with alternate perspective.”

Where are people these days? On Social Media. Hence, where are your potential customers today?

On Social Media.

Social media optimization is the "channel" builder and lead generating technique over Social Media. Which, by the way is very crowded with potential customers. Its Simple, we professionally promote your website / products / services over Social Network Media.

Smart and efficient Social media promotion, has been quite proven technique around with high results at Super Simple Software. It fills in the gap between 'Keywords', 'human sentiments' and 'human interests'. This results in highly qualified leads generation.

We get power to 'filter' and 'target'. Like, your customer's group is of specific gender, then you can save 30% - 40% of marketing efforts by filtering out remaining gender. Or your service is location specific then, targeting audience either residing or interested in that location can only be targeted.

SMO is usually termed as, create business profile over websites like twitter etc. and keep it updated. All this is an essential part of SMO, and in reallity it goes much beyond that. It needs planning and decision making with constant monitoring. Proper blend of planing, monitoring and updation, results in improved traffic and conversion ratio.

How To SMO?

Social Media Optimization is some what different than just website optimization. Actually, its a combination of both SEO and Social Media Tools.

Positive and High results from Social Media Optimization are achived by prefect execution of these,

  •  social bookmarking techniques
  •  video and photo sharing
  •  social news buttons and 
  •  posting of updates on the most preferred social networking sites 

Social Media Optimization is to drive traffic to your websites from Social Media services, and this optimizes cost on overall internet marketing. Most popular services and platforms are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, and many more. Along with paid promotion there is high chance of geting 'Organic' references (natural mouth publicity) and leads from real people for free.

Every person uses Social media to learn and share, and this is the key. Every person, including your customers and suppliers, typically exchange personal thoughts, expressions, ideas, experience with products & services in form of photographs, business ideas and social messages etc. your business simply can not miss such flexibility and social exposure.

The platform is to be treated with respect too, over doing or stuffing may affect negatively. Social media and real people interacting may penalize us. They might block us or stop following our requests. Relevance is another most important factor.

If we miss the relevance, results are quite adverse. People and Social Media admins might take us as spammers and pushers for irrelevant links and publications.

If some user has linked with you for some particular 'interest' (eg. car) and in later days if you publish irrelevant info (eg. you publish cycle info too frequently), he might stop getting updates from you and eventually loose trust.

To SMO, or To SEO?

Same destination with different path

In comparison with SEO, Social Media Optimization has all its flexiblility, cost-effectiveness and with human interests and sharing factor. However, SEO must not be missed altogether. Best results are achieved, by combining both perfectly. Such blend can only be achieved with experience and by professional consultation. Because of such importance, organisations and business owners are now opting out for SMO, for effective promotion towards interested customers. Going beyond SMO also builds  a strong brand value in non-customer, which is highly required for long term market planning.