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 Web Application Software

Software that runs on internet 

(e.g. Gmail, Facebook, Flipkart, Magic Bricks)

  • We will help take your business online 
  • Be always online. Your own showroom where you can sell your product service over internet 24 x 7
  • No need to publish on OLX and Just Dial or any other online public  market place, where your competitors sales just besides you
  • Internet software can be use for gathering data from multiple locations with minimum investments
  • E.g., gather data centrally about material stock from multiple storage locations and sales locations.
  • Track transactions from all your branches to single location
  • Your own Customer Support system
  • Internet Software are created in either .Net or PHP technology

 Windows Application Software

Software that runs on a MS Windows computer 

(e.g. MS Word, Excel)

  • We experience in making simple to use software that helps in increasing day to day working productivity 
  • We have created very simple to use MIS reporting stand-alone systems
  • Software that automatically read data from existing systems and presents summarized and helpful information to the management
  • These are the tools to save lots of manual efforts in day to day working 
  • Repetitive and manual daily work in any organization always results in time wastage and quality loss due to human error
  • Windows Software are created using MS .Net technology

 Mobile Applications

Your own custom mobile apps that runs on Windows Mobile, Android Mobile and I-Phone

(Eg. Gmail, Facebook, Flipkart)

  • Use the mobile craze for your business
  • Publish your and business information on your own custom mobile app 
  • You can get direct sale from mobile software, Eg. Flipkart app
  • Send your product services updates and various sales schemes directly on your customer’s mobile, who is using your app
  • Collect sales data from your executives who are always on move
  • Collect progress and status about work from employees who are always outside office location
  • Mobile apps are created in either .Net, Android or I-OS platform depending on your requirement

Business Center TM

a software for all business verticals

Enterprise Resource Planning 

  • Integrates all facets of an operation like product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.
  • Inventory reduction (without increasing shortages)
  • Improves data quality by improving the underlying processes as a result better business decisions can be reached
  • Reporting follows an automated template system, allowing various departments to access information seamlessly
  • Reduce the complexity of a business and introduce a neatly designed system of workflows
  • Having high-quality data allows businesses to use the power of intelligent analytics tools to arrive at better business decisions
  • Measurements, analysis and simulation capabilities can help companies plan better and react sooner and more effectively . Read More

Super Simple Software


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